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Currently not registering people but check back soon! 

BIFP Women in Leadership Conference

Are you interested in influencing your community and the world? Do you want to learn about activism strategy from the leaders of revolutionary organizations like Dream Equal, Girltelligence, and The Bipartisan Feminist Project? 


The BIFP Women in Leadership Conference offers students the opportunity to learn about these topics and more from rising women leaders in the fields of medicine, social equality, and more. 


 This free event will feature talks with a panel of women leaders, educational presentations on feminism, and interactive discussions on how to promote gender equality. We hope you register for the BIFP Women in Leadership Conference to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to expand your worldview and your capacity for leadership. 

Please don't hesitate to email us at with any questions.

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"The Path to Inclusion" Workshop

"The Path to Inclusion" is the Bipartisan Feminist Project's flagship workshop. The workshop offers high school students an understanding of the psychological and political causes of opposition to the feminist movement and how they can overcome these in favor of a more united feminist movement.


"The Path to Inclusion" Workshop:


1] Empowers people of all genders and political beliefs to support women by recognizing and listening to opposing views of feminism


2] Roots out the idea that women’s rights are a fringe issue by educating students on women’s issues that are under-covered in high school history classes


Organization teams and students of all genders and political affiliations have attended "The Path to Inclusion" to develop a greater understanding of modern feminism and how to apply it in their lives. Click on the button below to schedule this  eye-opening workshop for your school or company.

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