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Are you a Bronx County student interested in getting involved in government? Do you have something to share that could help legislators promote equity in your community? Then fill out the form to the right to get on the waitlist to join the Bronx County Youth Gender Commission!

Being a Commissioner means meeting with legislators quarterly and cooperating with the BIFP Team to promote the rights of women and girls in your community. To apply you should fill out the form below, and have letters of recommendation from two recommenders be submitted directly from your recommender to When you apply you will receive an email of confirmation of your application’s receipt. Our Team is still working with legislators to determine a date of launch, and being on our list will enable you to stay in the loop with our progress and receive an interview as soon as possible within the next few months.



Enough is Enough Act

The Enough is Enough Act is a New York State law aiming to set standards for appropriate responses to sexual assault, but which has failed to set and enforce adjudication standards that consistently deliver survivors justice. Our Political Action Committee is working with New York legislators to amend this Act, and your support can play a vital role in ensuring these changes are enacted in the next legislative cycle.

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