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  • Elizabeth Murray

Youth Taking Action: The Bipartisan Feminist Project's Recent Publications

In September, the Bipartisan Feminist Project will be releasing two magazines, available online and in print. The first will include an introduction to bipartisan feminism and literary works from students. The second will focus on pro-women laws and advocacy. Both have been a culmination of the hard work of the Bipartisan Feminist Project Team to encourage people from all backgrounds to join the movement and work toward gender equality.

The first magazine is entitled “Listening and Being Heard.” It reaffirms the efforts of BIFP by explaining why feminism should be a bipartisan issue and stressing why we should all be feminists. It will also feature poems, writings, and artwork by female students about their views on and personal experiences with the feminist movement. Rather than straying from the tough questions about inclusion in the feminist movement, this magazines addresses problems from the exclusion of women of color during the early feminist movements and the recent politicization of the movement.  

A key part of the first magazine is a letter from the editor and Founder of BIFP, Veronica Tadross. Veronica writes about the importance of bipartisan feminism and why she put this piece together. This letter establishes how BIFP addresses political views on feminism by encouraging an open forum for debate on how to solve women’s issues.

The second magazine is an instruction manual on how to advocate for women’s rights legislation. This month marked the 100th-anniversary of women gaining the right to vote after the final ratification of the 19th Amendment in Tennessee. Ever since then, laws, legislation, and Supreme Court rulings about women’s rights have become a part of national discourse. Some of the most famous debates have taken place over the Equal Right Amendment (ERA), The Violence Against Women Act, and Roe v. Wade. Earlier in the summer, the Bipartisan Feminist Project Advocacy team held a series of webinars on legislation concerning women’s rights and the discourse surrounding them. The magazine will be an effective continuation of these webinars and will be released at the end of September. 

This second magazine deals more with the activism side of the Bipartisan Feminist Project and our efforts to raise awareness of women’s issues. The zine will serve as an activism guidebook for anyone who wishes to engage in activism to support women’s legislation. The BIFP Team does extensive research on the topics we present to make sure we reach effective solutions to improve the state of women globally.

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