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Why do Some Women Oppose Feminism?

Thank you to everyone who came to the third meeting of the Bipartisan Feminist Project last night! We had an interesting discussion about the differing views of women on sexism, and how they affect the women’s movement.

We formulated potential solutions to the polarization of feminism, including:

-Promoting understanding that feminism doesn’t call for complete reversal of gender roles, just openness to women pursuing any and all opportunities.

-Understanding that feminism decreases the pressure on both men and women to fulfill their gender roles. For instance, since the women’s movement has taken off, more men have been able to stay home and spend time with their families.

-Sharing with others that women in the 20th century initially rejected feminism because they saw it as a political tool rather than a beneficial movement. However, rejecting feminism for this reason alone worsens the partisan nature of the women’s movement.

At the Bipartisan Feminist Project, we explore the history of various perspectives of feminism so we can understand all people and pave paths to unity.

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