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  • Elizabeth Murray

The Bipartisan Advocacy Summer Program

The goal of the Bipartisan Feminist Project is to take the politics out of feminism. To do this we hold workshops to educate students on the history of feminism in the United States, how it became partisan, and how to move past this partisanship The BIFP Advocacy Committee works on the frontlines of our workshops to raise awareness of pro-women laws, encourage others to support them regardless of politics, and teach people how they can become advocates themselves. The BIFP Advocacy Committee currently have four members and is looking to expand.

On Sunday, July 5th I had the opportunity to sit in on a BIFP Advocacy Committee meeting. The main focus of this meeting was the upcoming Bipartisan Advocacy Summer Program. From July 20th to August 3rd the BIFP Advocacy Committee will be hosting this program via Zoom from 10:00 am-12:00 pm EDT for students in grades 9-12. The goal of this program is to teach students about pro-women laws, their history, different political opinions about them, the barriers they face, and how to advocate for them. The Violence Against Women Act, and the ERA will be taking center stage at this program alongside guest speakers Nassau County Rep. Josh Lafazan and federal Congresswoman Kathleen Rice. Both of these experienced politicians will speak about their experiences with partisanship in government and how students can become advocates themselves. Organization leaders who attend this program will be eligible to receive the BIFP Equity Certification, which recognizes their knowledge of legal and political issues women face as well as tactics to address them. Other discussions in the program will revolve around maternity leave, gendered product legislation, legislation related to intersectionality, and the Civil Rights Act. These discussions will raise tough questions and bring to light important issues in politics and the feminist movement.

This program is a great way to learn about advocacy and begin a sustainable, bipartisan pro-women community. The biggest strides in the women's movement to date have happened because of bipartisanship, and progress has slowed ever since the movement was politicized. The Bipartisan Feminist Project is hoping to use this program to rejuvenate progress for laws which have struggled for decades.

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