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Bye for Now!

BIFP is taking a short break over the summer to rest, reorganize, and rejuvenate for the year ahead. We're excited to return in the fall with new and innovative ideas about how to advance the cause of bipartisan feminism. Here are some brief reflections from some members of the Journalism and Expansion teams about their BIFP experiences thus far:

"Being a part of BIFP has been a way for me to meet so many passionate and hardworking teens who care about feminism. As a member of the expansion team, I was able to experience how deeply BIFP’s mission resonates with so many people. It has been amazing to see how change can be accomplished with enough support and persistence." - Cassidy Moskowitz, Expansion Team

"My experience in BIFP has definitely been an insightful one. Being in BIFP has exposed me to a multitude of different organizations and groups that are working together to make the world a better place. As a journalist, I have also learned tons of new things about writing different types of articles. I really look forward to continuing with BIFP." - Marija Jovic, Journalism Team

"BIFP provided a great way for me to expand my views and contribute to the modern feminist movement. It was great to have an intersectional environment while the world continued to reckon with societal injustices. I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this project through my writing and hope it will have a lasting impact." - Elizabeth Murray, Journalism Team

"Working with BIFP to make an impact in bipartisan feminism has been a great experience as it is so important to advocate for causes that you believe in!" - Tess Dakin, Expansion Team

"Being in the Bipartisan Feminist Journalism Team has been one of the most englighting experiences I've ever had. I have written many articles about topics that I knew nothing about before doing research. I have also learned so much about how to improve my writing and I look forward to continuing to grow after summer!" - Grace Garcia, Journalism Team

"Serving as the Journalism Director of BIFP has been an incredible learning experience. I've had the opportunity to write articles pertaining to my own experience as a woman as well as the unique experiences of women across the globe. I've also been able to strengthen my leadership and editing skills—two skills I will certainly carry with me in my future pursuits. Above all, I've come to understand the value of bipartisanship and cooperation across political lines. I'm looking forward to returning in the fall and watching BIFP expand further." - Mia Penner, Journalism Director

"Seeing BIFP grow since I founded it over a year ago has been inspiring. I have had the opportunity to work with students who would have never considered themselves feminists who are now writing about current events in women's rights and working with legislators to promote solutions to problems that matter to them. I appreciate our teams' hard work more than anything and look forward to what the future holds for them in and out of BIFP." - Veronica Tadross, BIFP Founder and CEO

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