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"A Law a Day" Instagram Series

We are glad to announce that we are starting a series on our Instagram (@bipartisan_feminist_project), in which we will provide facts about pro-women legislation each day.

Civics education is recognizing that civilians have valuable intuitions for what our country needs. Knowledge of more policies gives citizens more areas to exert their valuable influence.

David Broder, a highly-respected political reporter who died in 2011, always insisted on the value of the electorate. According to, he would tour residential areas in pursuit of a story, saying, “The voters are way ahead of the politicians.”

Civics education can help us overcome partisan politics. Partisan tension is heightened when there are high levels of economic inequality, prompting both parties to blame the other for societal problems. However, when both groups have knowledge about legislation, they will all have a basic understanding of what civilians are looking for and be more willing to cooperate to pass certain laws.

The 2016 election is a prime example of when the electorate had an intuition that less people would have opposed if they had understood it. Before this election, many voters had noticed that we had not fully recovered from the 2008-2009 recession. Only President Trump and Bernie Sanders recognized the need to address economic issues, and both garnered significant support as a result. In fact, Trump was elected and instated many policies that took unemployment rates to nearly all-time lows (pre-Coronavirus).

Civilians lacked mutual understanding as to why Trump was elected and developed resentment for one another. If citizens and legislators were more aware of economic issues and why Trump was elected, they may have been more willing to help him more effectively do the job he was elected to do: help the economy.

Likewise, when people are educated on pro-women policies, we, too, will have the power to recognize when something is wrong and elect the correct candidates to solve it. Furthermore, other educated citizens will be more likely to overcome partisan bias and support us in achieving feminist goals.

For the next few days we will be sharing facts about the Equal Rights Amendment on Instagram. When was it proposed? Why do many Republicans oppose it? Will it ever be passed? We hope you follow along and learn something through this important series!

If there is another law you would like us to cover in the future, email us through the mail icon on our website or dm us!

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