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Our Political Action

Our nation is 


years away from gender

equality in politics



of sexual violence complaints result in a formal inquiry

in New York


The Bipartisan Feminist Project is developing the

Youth Gender Commission in the nation so that these barriers can be rectified by young women with a vested interest in the future

Petition to Amend the Enough is Enough Act

The Enough is Enough Act is a New York State law aiming to set standards for appropriate responses to sexual assault, but which has failed to set and enforce adjudication standards that consistently deliver survivors justice. Our Political Action Committee is working with New York legislators to amend this Act, and your support can play a vital role in ensuring these changes are enacted in the next legislative cycle.

Our Legislative Proposals

The Bipartisan Feminist Project Political Action Committee is writing legislation with New York State Senators and Assemblymembers to improve sexual assault legislation and launch the world’s first Youth Gender Commission. Check out some of our most recent proposals below.

Enough is Enough Act Amendment

Location of Proposal: New York State


-Require that college campus sexual assault cases are adjudicated by administrators, not fellow students

-Ban the dispersion of information from inside a college sexual assault adjudication

-Ban preferential treatment of abusers who are athletes or have any role at a school that comes with “privilege”

-Develop a training module to communicate these standards to college adjudicators of sexual assault cases 

-Increase funding to the State Education Dept. to keep track of the efficacy of the Enough is Enough Act

Youth Gender Commission

Location of Proposal: New York State


-Form a Commission to advise the Commission of Human Rights on the outcomes and development of pro-women legislation

-Develop online training classes to increase equity in the political sphere

-Hold bimonthly meetings of the Commission with local legislators to evaluate current legislation

-Provide policy training to young Commissioners to bridge the gender gap in political engagement

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