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The Bipartisan Activism Portal

The BIFP Activism Portal is an internet portal designed to educate youth on pro-women legislation and how to advocate for these laws through research-backed methods of bipartisan discourse. In our Activism Portal, you will find:

  • Detailed insight into opposing ideologies and how to reconcile them through political action 

  • Compiled lists of legislators who have curtailed bipartisan feminism to whom you should target your campaign

  • Efficient methods to expand your campaign based on our Team’s interviews with local and national legislators

When legislators and students don’t understand pro-women laws, they engage in back-and-forth rhetoric rather than find common ground over them. We aim to combat this harmful status quo by bringing people together to learn the basics of pro-women laws and how each political party views that law. Each section of this Portal [1] provides an overview of the law in question, [2] details how political parties can compromise to support it, and [3] lists the contact information of Senators or Representatives who have the power to develop a bipartisan solution.

Table of Contents

Dive into the resources of our Bipartisan Activism Portal now to learn about pro-women legislation and how to effectively advocate for your beliefs.


Overcoming Partisanship

This section contains strategies to work to achieve bipartisan feminism both in discussions with peers and when advocating for the passage of pro-women legislation. 

The Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a provision that would make all laws in the U.S. gender neutral that has not passed to this day. This section explains the intricacies of the ERA and how you can contribute to it's passage.

ERA March.jpg

The Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act is one of the oldest pieces of domestic abuse legislation in the U.S. Click here to learn how the U.S. has fallen short in supporting survivors and how you can change this.

The Paycheck Fairness Act

The Paycheck Fairness Act is a unique law which many argue does not improve equality at all. Here, we explain these various perspectives and how you can support equal pay in the U.S.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 8.59.56 PM.png

The "Walking While Trans" Ban

Officially known as the Loitering for the Purpose of Prostitution law, this piece of legislation in New York State allows Police to profile womxn with suspicion that they are engaging in sex work. Here, we explain the controversy over this law and how to ensure the LGBTQ community enjoys bipartisan support.

Establishing Intersectionality

As you are formulating your advocacy project, it is important that you not only approach the issue from your own experience, but from the perspective of others. This section provides insight into intersectionality and how to make it an integral part of your feminist advocacy.

Protest Sign

Enacting Your Advocacy Project

Advocacy is the power to use an understanding of the world of affairs to influence decision-makers to support one’s desired cause. This section is composed of advice for launching an advocacy campaign gathered directly from our Team's interviews with federal legislators.

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